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In PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) being efficient with your time is vital. You might want to find loot quickly to fight off enemies, raid a whole town as fast as possible, or find a vehicle to get inside the circle. The purpose of this app is to help you be more efficient with your time by letting you strategize and plan routes. Hopefully this will get you more chicken dinners so you can feed your families

Downloading the free app lets you have all this goodness inside your game. The app is opened in an overlay inside your game so no sneaky campers will head shot you while you look or the best spots.

  • Loot efficiency heatmaps
  • Building information
  • Realtime location tracking (download only)
  • Automatic airplane trajectory (download only)
  • Free! Now and forever

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Erangel Heatmap
Miramar Heatmaps
Quickly view the most efficient places town and cities to land in. Both Miramar and Erangel PUBG maps have been heat mapped and are constantly being updated

Town Heatmaps

Localized Heatmaps

Landing on San Martin? Zoom in to your location to find out exactly where the best place to drop is and begin your looting spree

Every single town in Erangel and Miramar is mapped so you'll never find yourself not knowing where to go

Building information

In order to determine the true worth of a building you have to know how many potential loot spots it has and how long it takes to loot, or Time To Loot (TTL).

The building heat map allows you to plan and execute your own efficient loot route.

You can analyze and prioritize certain types of buildings over others. With over 175 unique building types in PUBG it is important to know which ones are going to give you the best chance of finding the best equipment and loot


Location tracking

Location Tracking

You can automatically track your location so you can quickly find the nearest building and learn more about it

  • Click on a city name to zoom into it
  • Click the icon to center on your location

Download Now

  • Click download (Overwolf's app storew will open)
  • Click on their download button
  • Install the app and launch PUBG
  • Once in game, press Ctrl + E to launch the app
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Download now Try before downloading